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Fishing hook is the most important part of any fishing tackle, or as it called – fishing terminal tackle. Hooks are responsible for catching fishes by hooking their mouth, throat or even gut and also hooks used for holding and exposing the bait for fishes. Different baits, different fish behaviour, different fishing techniques required very wide varies of fishing hooks. The success of the fishing trip dependents not only on the size of selected hooks, but also on the type of fishing hook. Our short guide will help young and professional anglers to make proper decision and choose hooks which are more suitable for they needs.

Hooks are differing in sizes and shapes. Also different manufacturers can produce some varieties of fishing hooks which can be important for fishing. Some hooks are specially prepared for some fish species. Sometimes you also can choose to buy already prepared fishing rig with all hooks settled there.

Hook size The first hook parameter which anglers think of is the fishing hook size. Usually you can follow the simplest rule – smaller fish smaller hook. Bigger fish – bigger hook, but also you need to understand the fish species difference to choose the right hook size. Hook sizes are ranged from smallest number 32 to the biggest 19/0. Read more...

Hook shapes Hooks can be shaped differently. Hooks with different shapes are used for different purposes. Very often the anglers success is related with proper hook type hi choose to use for fishing. Hooks can be barbed or barbless, hooks can be single or treble, and most important is the actual shape of fishing hooks: circle or octopus, aberdeen, kahle or eagle claw, jig and very special weedless hooks.

Fishing hook makes Many different companies are specialized in fishing hook making. Sometimes it is very important to choose correct make of hooks. Some companies produce very cheap hooks which can be used in conditions where you expect to loose plenty of fishing rigs, some companies are specialized in very high quality of hooks which is crucial for very difficult catches. The most well known companies are: Daiichi, Gamakatsu, Kamasan, Mustad, Owner and VMC.

Special hooks Each fish species have different behavior and very different feeding habits. Some fishes prefer very fast attack, some fishes tend to eat slowly. Some fishes eat big portions, some fishes eat very small pieces. Some fishes have huge mouth, some fishes not. Before going to catch particular fish, anglers should choose most appropriate fishing tackle, especially hooks, which is most suitable for this fish. Some companies are sort their hooks by fish types and you can straightly buy carp hooks, catfish hooks, fly fishing, or trout hooks.

Sea Fishing Hooks

Sea fishes usually more aggressive and less careful fishes in compare with fresh water fishes, therefore, on average, for the same fish size anglers should use bigger sea hooks and smaller fresh water hooks. There is no other differences between sea and fresh water hooks, and if the size and shape is suitable for you, then you can use them everywhere.

Fishing Hooks Removal

Hooks are danger Hooks for fishing are very sharp and dirty objects, which can fly near fisherman with extremely high speed. Therefore anglers should always be very accurate when handle hooks and do know basic skills of the first aid for injuries caused by hooks.

How to remove hook? If you've hook yourself, do not panic and do not move – this can cause plenty of damages. If you have pliers and cutters and hook do not pointed to the bone, major blood vessels, or other important organs, you can push point and barb through the flesh and then cut one end of the hook and release it. This is the least destructive operation. If the hook directed to the bone or some organ or you do not have proper pliers and cutters, then you can pull hook out of the flesh with fishing line. Do firm grip of the line around the hooks bend. Hold hook near eye and sharply pool it out. This style of fish hook removal is significantly destructive. After removing of hook you need to disinfect the wound. If the fishing hook penetrate very deeply, or near some organs, or have very big barb – you better to fix the hook to avoid any motions and wait for professional medical help.

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