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Basic Fishing Hook is Aberdeen Hook

Please do not hesitate to use simplest classical hook, this shape holds thousands years of fishing hook evolution.


About Aberdeen Fishing Hooks

Aberdeen fishing hook

Aberdeen fishing hook is most simplest hook which produced from thin wire. Usual size of Aberdeen hook is varying between 10 and 6/0. This hook always have small eye with a very long shank for convenient tackle making. Another very important property of this hook is his ability to bend.

Pros and cons of Aberdeen fishing hook. Pros: 1. Very cheap hook, you can feel free to loose them. 2. This type of hooks can bend, so if you stuck in the rocky bottom, you can pull it slowly. 3. Basic shape of this hook, means that it will be suitable for any type of fishes and any type of baits. Cons: 1. This is a soft hook, so really strong fish can bend is and escape. 2. This is a very basic shape, so it is suitable for everything in general and not suitable for any thing specific. 3. Cheap Aberdeen hooks can make an impression of crappier fishermen.

Fish species for Aberdeen As it was mentioned before, Aberdeen can be easily bended by strong fish, so the ideal use is for weak, non-predator fishes feeding from the bottom. For example dabs or flounders can easily take this hook and be hooked for mouth or throat. Dogfishes can be easily landed with this type of hook. Whiting and other small sea fish species are perfect for this hook. Also small mouth fishes like Mullet are perfect for this type of hook. Sometimes anglers can find that bait is disappeared from the Aberdeen hook, and hook by itself is almost straight, whilst no rod baits were detected. Usually it means that big crab, like a spider-crab was hooked and unbend this hook to escape.


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