Barbless Hooks

Barbless Fishing Hooks save fish lives

Save the nature! Do more barbless catch and release fishing trips rather than catch and kill.


Barbed and Barbless Fishing Hooks

barbless fishing hooks

Barbless Fishing Hook The main difference between barbed and barbless fishing hooks is the small metal chip sticking out of the hooks bent near the hooks point, called barb. This barb make hook releasing much more difficult and painful. More fish tissues can be seriously damage. The fish survival rate for barbed is significantly lover than for barbless fishing hooks.

Must have Barbless Some fisheries and some private waters have restrictions on fishing tackles allowed there. For example many recreational fisheries strictly require catch and release action from all anglers. In order to keep fish stock more health in some fisheries only barbless hooks are allowed.

Barbless hooks strategy If you using the barbless fishing hooks, anglers should remember that in most cases this hook can be easily set off by fish. Therefore to have a successful landing, angler should always maintain some line tension during playing with fish. If the line loose all tension the fish can be lost. This required some extra practice, but also this practice will give you some extra fishing skills. Furthermore, angling with barbless hook will allow you to have pure competition with fish in skills, rather than pure lifting from the water.

Use barber hooks Some fishing techniques, use very slow fish landing, some techniques resembles sort of fishing traps, which can be checked not very often, or if you are planning to harvest all cached fishes then you should use barbed hooks.

Stainless Steel Fishing Hooks

Stainless steel barbless fishing hooks pros and cons. The major advantage of these hooks – they are made out of stainless steel and newer been rusty. This is very important, especially for sea or salt water fishing. You can be very disappointed when after fist sea fishing, all your hooks will be covered by thick dark brown rust. Specially thin Aberdeen hooks looks most terrible. From this point of view stainless steel fishing hooks are brilliant! From other hand if you lost your tackle, it will stay forever in the water, but standard hooks will be rusted in few years. If you do catch and release fishing and fish swallow hook very deeply – it is much easier to cut the line and release fish. Standard fishing hook shortly will be rusted and go out of the fish. Stainless steel fishing hook will stay forever.


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