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About Circle Fishing Hooks

circle fishing hook

Circle fishing hooks were invented not very long ago. The main idea of these hooks was to prevent fishes to hook buy throat or gut. That is why these hooks have very circular shape with slightly hidden point of the hook. This prevents fish from hooking deeply inside the mouth but perfectly hooks in the corner of the mouth when the fish start to escape. At the beginning, this hook can cause plenty of problems for low qualified anglers. But the only one rule is - do not try to set hook!!! If you try to set is – you just simply pull it out from the fish moth, but if fish start to swim away, the hook will set themselves. If you feel the bite, start to reel slowly until the hook is completely gets set.

Circle vs Octopus fishing hooks It is very difficult to distinguish between octopus and circle hooks. The main difference is the eye in octopus fishing hook is kinked back, but in circle fishing hook this eye is strait. Some misunderstanding can also arise from manufacturers, like Gamakatsu, company which produce Octopus Circle fishing hooks with shape of the bend and point like for classical circle, but with eye kinked back like in all octopus fishing hooks.

snelled vs tied circle hook

Productivity of Circle hooks Recent studies carried out in New Zealand shows that in average circle catch about two times or 100% more effective in compare with classical (O'Shaugnessy) fishing hooks. Other interesting result was that the classically tied hook shows 30% less productivity in compare with Circle Snelled Hooks. The difference between snelled and tied hooks is in the way how tackle line is passing through the hook's eye. In snelled hooks line to the hook should pass through the eye of the hook (!!!) from the front side of the hook (!!!). The presented picture will give you idea how it should be. Further knots can be different.

Catch and Release Some professional anglers says that ratio mouth/throat or gut for circle hook is significantly shifted towards mouth in compare with other hook types, but this is not supported by massive studies carried out in New Zealand. Furthermore, these studies revealed, that due to high hooking ability, the circle fishing hook can increase the ratio of significantly undersized for particular hook size fishes landed with it.

Conclusion Circle fishing hooks are real break through in modern recreational angling. Everybody should at least give a try with this type of hooks.


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