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Daiichi Fishing Hooks

Daiichi can now produce almost any size of hooks with superb quality!


About Daiichi Fishing Hooks

Daiichi Fishing Hook

World's Sharpest Hooks At the beginning Daiichi only produce small Daiichi Hook, with maximal size about 10. But latter the overall market demands bigger hooks with all range of sizes even up to 20/0 and Daiichi decide to apply small hook sharpening technique for big and huge hooks. The results represented the hooks points very end on the electron microscope photo with 350 magnification. Daiichi barbs have unique shape which allow to reduce the required penetration force without loosing any stopping abilities.

Tempering and Forging Daiichi fishing hooks during manufacturing process use much longer tempering procedure in compare with main competitors and also use their own forging technique. This combination allow to have flexibility and strength together.

Our Daiichi hooks Sometimes for special fishes we use Daiichi fishing hooks and we are completely satisfied by quality of these hooks. This hooks always do the job. But due to the price it is not very good idea to use these hooks in conditions where you can loose plenty of tackles.


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