Eagle Claw Hooks

Eagle Claw or Kahle Hooks for Live bait

Use eagle claw aka kahle if you plans to keep 100% of your catch fishes and don't if you want to catch and release.


About Eagle Claw Fishing Hook

kahle fishing hook

Eagle Claw for live bait Design of Eagle Claw fishing hook, also known as a kahle fishing hook is most suitable for keeping live bait for longest time. If you want to use for bait something like small fishes, kahle hooks should be your primary choice. Usually these hooks, like aberdeen hooks are made out of thin wire and can bend if stuck in the uneven bottom.

Deadly Eagle Claw hooks Anglers experience shows, that Eagle Claw hooks are more dangerous for the fishes. With this type of hooks the chance to hook gill, or gut, or even fish stomach is the highest in compare with other fishing hook types. After removing of such hooks, fishes are usually going to be dead in very short future. So if you are planning to do catch and release exercise, try to avoid using eagle claw hooks in your tackles.

Save “deeply kahled” fish If you wish to release just landed fish which deeply swallow kahle hook, then you do not need to remove this hook from the fish. Cut the line, as short as you can and release fish. Thin hook wire, especially in the salted water will rust very fast. Scientist believes that hooking for fishes is almost normal and slightly resembles injuries which can be happen during eating of other fishes.


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