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Fishing hook sizes are vary from the smallest hook numbered 32 to 1 and then from 1/0 (pronounced “one aught”) to 20/0. Probably the hook sized 27/0 from Mustad is the biggest standard hook size available in the shops. Also length of the hook shank can vary from very short to long, but this measurement was never reflected in any standards. Another big problem, different companies have their own hook size table and sometimes similar marked hooks can be very different in size, especially at the large end around 10/0 – 20/0. For example the hook sized 16/0 can have a gap between 3 and 4 inches

hook size 32The hooks shown on this picture are produced by Tiemco and Mustad. Both these hooks are sized 32. Stripes represent millimetres. You can see the huge difference in actual hook sizes. Therefore if you are ordering fishing hooks online, be very accurate with choosing right size for you. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to ask seller about hook size measurements or about some real photograph, which can help you to understand the real size of the hook. If you know some hook sizes of particular brands, then you can buy it worrying free.

small fish big hookAnglers should remember the basic rule – the bigger fish they want to catch, the bigger fishing hook they should use. Furthermore the different fish species require the different hook sizes. See the short guideline table below about hook size for the different fish species. You should also bear in mind that this table is for guideline only. You can hook much bigger fish with small hook and vice versa, small fish can be landed with very big hook, for example you can see 50 g (0.11 lb ) fish hooked with 3/0 hook.

Fish speciesAverage fish sizeFishing hook size
Dabs0.5 lb1 - 1/0
Cod10 lb4/0 - 6/0
Bullhead0.5 lb2 - 1
Channel catfish10 lb4 - 1
Balin Wrass4 lb1/0 - 5/0
Carp5 lb4 - 1/0
Bream4 lb12 - 8
Dogfish4 lb1/0 - 3/0
Walleye10 lb2/0 - 5/0
Northern pike25 lb2/0 - 7/0
Mackerel0.5-1 lb1/0-3/0
Muskellunge50 lb6/0 - 8/0
Trout5 lb20 - 16
Conger eel20 lb6/0 - 8/0
Ling20 lb6/0 - 8/0
Black grouper50 lb10/0 - 14/0
Marlin800 lb16/0 - 20/0
White Shark2000 lb27/0


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