Jig Hooks

Jig Fishing Hooks

Jig hooks for Jigging and extremely high sensitivity.


About Jig Hooks

jig fishing hooks

Jig hooks are specially designed for holding some extra weight near hooks eye. This weight can be already attached, or can be attached by angler before fishing. In any case you do not need to use sinker. The actual shape of the hook can be any.

Why jig hook? Jig have few advantages in compare with classical hooks. First of all, the line between hook and sinker in classical rigs can shrink all fish bites. Fish can move fairly freely before angler can spot the bite. This is good time to eat of the hook. Jig will not allow this trick – fish will disturb all line between the hook and rod end or float. Secondly, this type of hook tends to stuck less in rocky bottom and it allow to feel the bottom by hands. Thirdly in some winter conditions shiny sink on the jig can also attract some fishes.

Disadvantage of jig fishing hooks Main problem of the jig fishing hook – the sinker is attached to the hook. Therefore if you are using the life bait – this sinker can significantly reduce it movability and level of attraction to fishes.


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