Kamasan Hooks

Kamasan Fishing Hooks

Kamasan is our choice if we go for fly fishing, they really know everything about how to fly!


About Kamasan Fishing Hooks

Kamasan Hooks

Kamasan hooks speciality If you look through all hooks produced by Kamasan, you can spot one major feature, which is only persist in Kamasan production. All hooks, despite the shape, are made out of very thin wire. Hooks gape is usually a bit bigger and hooks shank is longer than usually, but not as long as for Aberdeen hooks. All Kamasan fishing hooks are very light, much lighter than similar hooks from different companies. Kamasan hooks should fly and never go under the water. They are designed for fly fishing with natural or artificial bait.

Kamasan Fly Hooks

Kamasan Fly Hooks are very thin wired, long shank hooks, ideally suitable for using with live or artificial fly. Probably from all different hooks, Kamasan hooks are most suitable for this bait.


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