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Mustad Fishing Hooks

Mustad is the world leading brand in budget hooks. We like them for massive fishing.


About Mustad Fishing Hooks

Mustad Hooks

Mustad fishing hooks Please note the name of this world known Norway company company – Mustad! Not Mustard!!! This company produce all possible and sometimes impossible fishing hooks. You can find there everything, from tiny 1mm hooks size 32 to huge 27/0 hooks for few thousands pounds sharks. It is virtually impossible to name all types and modifications of fishing hooks they produce. Probably the most popular are Mustad jig hooks and Mustad treble hooks.

Mustad good or bad? If you buy plenty of different Mustad hooks, you can find out that sometimes these hooks are different. Small hooks from different batches can have different sizes. Big hooks can have different bending pattern or different point direction. This is not good. But from the other hand, Mustad can produce very special hooks, which nobody else can produce. Where you can find 27/0 sized saltwater hooks? Nowhere. Mustad hooks are reasonably cheaper than other makes. If you construct something like mass-catching equipment with hundreds hooks on one line, or you expecting to loose plenty of tackles due to rocky bottom, why use expensive individual hooks? Mustad hooks will do the job for you. Also Mustad produce plenty of different hooks with already tied fishing line, which is very helpful, especially for tiny hooks.


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