Owners Hooks

Owners Fishing Hooks

Owners with revolutionary triple-edge Cutting-Point hooks are most expensive hooks in the word.


About Owners Fishing Hooks

Owner Hooks

Owner hooks story Owner hooks and lures making company is the classical American company. They make good stuff and charge good money for it. They moto is – “If you spend money, why not spend them on Owner?” Owners fishing hooks are not sharpest – they are only hooks to penetrate with they special triple-edge Cutting-Point sharpening and hook point shaping technique. And the price is usually started from dollar per hook.

Owner Cutting-Point is pointed or pointless? If you look through Owners booklets, you will have a filling that fishes are made out of bones and metal plates and to hook the fish you should use special penetration techniques. This is nice words for lovely story for big wallets only. Many anglers din not spot any difference in productivity between sharpest hooks from different makes. Furthermore, almost all fishes are hooked through soft tissues. Penetration of jaw bones is very unusual and not necessary. Our conclusion about Owners hooks is negative. You pay money for things you do not basically required. But nothing wrong with Owners hooks except their price.

Owner Jig Hooks

Owner Jig Hooks

Owners jig hooks are very popular in compare with other makes of jig hooks. This is related with plenty of extra sinkers and other Shaky Head for these hooks. Furthermore many anglers are not very handy to remember plenty of patented names from Owner hooks and call jig hook all their special Shaky Heads, TwistLOCK, Mambo head, Bullet type head, Sled head, Splin-in type head, Darter head, Texas Rig'N finesse, and many other branded names.


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