Treble Hooks

Treble Fishing Hooks for Predators

Use predator hook to fight against predator fishes and you always win!!!


About Treble Fishing Hooks

treble fishing hook

Structure of treble hooksSingle eyed hook merged with double hook, or in total one eye, one shank, three bends and three points. Usually made of very strong non bendable wire and bends are similar to classical fishing hooks. The treble are designed to catch predator fishes, and usually used for lure making. Also these hooks are used for bait holding.

Why treble? In which cases the treble (or double) hooks are more preferable rather than single fishing hooks? As a fisherman with 30 years experience I can give you few “must use” cases:

  1. Lures should always be equipped with one or several hooks. Otherwise after first strike with boned mouth, fish can easily loose the lure.
  2. Predator fishes, like pikes, big perch, salmon and similar species have strong boned mouth and single hook can easily be polled out without hooking. Treble hooks always snag the fish.
  3. Slow eating fishes, like catfish can easily eat off you single hook and your chances to have at least a single bite with treble are much higher.
  4. For holding or very soft or jealous bait, use Soft Bait Treble fishing Hooks
  5. Don't use treble fishing hooks if you'd like to catch and release.
In all cases please remember that treble size should be smaller than single hook for the same fish.

Health and Safety Treble fishing hooks are always can bite you. The chances to be snagging by treble are much higher in compare with all other single hooks. Therefore you should be extremely accurate when handle treble hooks. If it is possible always cover hooks into a specially designed plastic bonnets.


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