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VMC American well runner, who think that nobody goes for small fishes.


About VMC Fishing Hooks

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100 years of VMC experience means at lead very well runner in hook industry. Indeed, if you look through the VMC catalogue, you will find plenty of very interesting, well designed “must have” fishing hooks. Unfortunately not all hook types are produced by this company. All hooks have high carbonated hooks point, sometimes with multiple barbs on it.

Treble hooks experts VMC produce very interestingly shaped treble hooks. One of the most succesfully designed treble hooks is the Treble SureSet hook with one hook almost two times wider (bigger gap) that other two hooks in the set. According to our experience this hook have highest setting rate out of all other treble hooks.

Buy VMC? We can recommend VMC fishing hooks products for everybody who need good strong average sized fishing hooks. Unfortunately this company, like all other American companies make everything big. It is impossible to find any hooks smaller that number 10.


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