Weedless hooks

Fish in Weeds with Weedlees Hooks

Don't worry about annoying weeds like lily's, rushes, water cabbage with proper weedless fishing hooks.


About Weedless Fishing Hooks

Weedless fishing hook

Why weedlees? Very often some fish species can only be found in water with plenty of weeds around, like lily's, rushes, water cabbage etc.. Each cast can cause a lot of problems with catching weeds which finally ruin all fishing process, scare away all fishes and break the tackle. Nothing exiting. To avoid all these problems, you should use special hooks, named weedless fishing hooks. Weedless hook can hold your bait more firmly and also it prevents from catching weeds, because hooks point is guarded with thin wire or plastic bits, which are usually will go off by pushing by fish mouth.

How to use weedless hooks? Use weedless fishing hooks as a standard fishing hooks, but do not worry about snagging any weeds. It is much easier to use soft bait with this type of hooks, because the protective wire can also hold the bait. It is very effective to use with this hook specially prepared so called “weedless bait” like floating frogs etc.


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